Live In-Person Conference

  • Complimentary tea, coffee and assorted pastries

  • On-site exhibitors

  • Buffet lunch available for purchase

Attend Online  |  Live Stream or On-Demand

This conference will be live streaming from Saskatoon, SK to online participants on November 6 – 8, 2023 from 8:30am – 4:00pm CST.

Recorded footage and all course content will be available until January 6, 2024

Please allow 3 – 5 business days after the conference has ended for recorded footage to become available

More information & live stream registration:

Please note, in-person registration does not include access to the live stream or recorded footage.

Volunteer and Save on your Registration Fees

Are you interested in attending our upcoming Neufeld-Hirose Conference, but hoping to save money on registration fees? By working as a Conference Aide you can substantially reduce your registration fees, without missing out on any training time. We are accepting Conference Aides for all 3 days of the conference. More information on the workshop aide program can be found HERE. Workshop aides receive a $290.00 discount on their registration fees.

To apply to be a workshop aide please contact us at

Who Should Attend

Education and Clinical Professionals: K–12 Classroom Teachers, School Counsellors/Psychologists, Learning Assistance/ Resource Teachers, School Administrators, School Paraprofessionals including Special Education Assistants, Classroom Assistants and Childcare Workers. All other professionals who support students including but not limited to: Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists, Clinical Counsellors, Family Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Addiction Counsellors, Youth Workers, Mental Health Workers, Probation Officers, Police Officers, and Early Childhood Educators.

Parents, Caregiver, Foster Parents, Grandparents, and Extended Family raising a child.

Meet One of the Conference Organizers

Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.

Clinical & Developmental Psychologist

About the Conference

The Neufeld Institute is once again joining forces with Jack Hirose Seminars to present a live three-day conference in Saskatoon on November 6-8, 2023. Our theme is Towards Flourishing Children and Youth. Although there is significant alarm these days concerning the deteriorating mental health of our children, there is still much confusion about how to reverse this disturbing trend. The ultimate answers lie in providing the conditions that are conducive to the unfolding of human potential. I am delighted to be joined by three of our most outstanding Neufeld Institute speakers – Deborah MacNamara, Tamara Strijack, and Eva de Gosztonyi. Together we will walk around the subject, using the attachment-based developmental approach to shed light on the dynamics, and based on this insight, to point to a way through. Whether a medical or mental health professional, a therapist or counselor, a teacher or school administrator, a day care provider or early childhood educator, a youth and family worker, a concerned parent or grandparent, this conference will help set the stage for turning stress around, in our children, our students, and even in ourselves. On behalf of the entire conference team, we look forward to engaging you in this timely theme.

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